Chill Cortez was born in Orangeburg, South Carolina on June 20, 1990. With military influence present on both sides of his family, Chill also lived in Georgia, Florida, and Germany. Always surrounded by and fascinated by music, he cites Snoop Dogg, OutKast, 2Pac, No Limit Records, Nas, and Three 6 Mafia as major influences for his work. He recalls the first time he began to write music: "I was in 5th grade. I found a black notebook under a desk in my last class. I used to draw a lot back then, so that's what I started to do at first. But then, something told me, 'Nah, try writing raps in this book. You always wanted to rap anyway; start now!' And I've written almost every day since that moment!"

Chill began recording on a karaoke machine at 13, even winning 3rd prize in his 8th grade talent show. At 18, he began making his own beats, and as of 2015, he owns his own label - Chill Cortez, LLC. He felt the need to wear so many hats because others would not: "I had to be my own outlet - from writing, to producing, to recording and mixing. If I didn't do it, either it wouldn't get done how I wanted it to be, or it wouldn't get done at all."

Chill Cortez just released the beach-themed music video for his heat-seeking single, "Juicee". He also released the music video for his plus-praising single, "Bigfyne" -- currently available HERE
. He's currently still in the studio, working on new projects.